Doyle Sails: Leading the fleet in the design and manufacture of quality sails.

Doyle Sails’ reputation for impeccable attention to engineering detail and high quality construction utilising the latest technologies ensure that your sails will not let you down.

Whether you are Grand Prix racing or leisurely cruising, you will not regret your decision to sail with Doyle.

Cruising/Training Sails
Suitable for general every day use. Charters or general cruising. Commonly made from durable Dacron materials that is very resistant to flogging and chafe.

Club Race Sails
There are a range of materials for club race radial sails depending on the size of your boat and racing vs cruising mixture. For smaller boats less than 40 feet Mylar sails are very cost effective and durable. Kevlar is aother step up in performance and Carbon is suitable for larger boats where the loads are higher.

Grand Prix Sails
Doyle have worked on there own in-house load path technology for the last 10 years. If ultimate shape holding and speed is the most important thing in your sailing then Straits is the right product for you. 

Downwind Sails
Doyle have constantly developed their down wind sails to keep up with the changes in yacht design, cloth advances and customers expectations. By utilizing the virtual wind tunnel features in Sailpack, and active wind tunnel testing you can be assured Doyle downwind sails have the technology behind them to give you the edge.